CASE STUDY: SafetyCulture Scaling to success: the tools that put you in control of your business growth

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One of the first Aussie tech unicorns has a good problem to deal with. 

SafetyCulture is a workplace operations platform whose work has been having a very real impact on lives all around the world since 2004.

As a leading tech company helping working teams worldwide to get better every day, SafetyCulture earned ‘tech unicorn’ status with its extraordinary exponential growth. They’re a classic example of the right idea at the right time with great execution backing it all up.

By virtue of their own success, however, this local triumph now operates as a massive multinational company with hundreds of staff spread across four continents. 

Growth is great, but it’s how you manage it that really matters. So the challenge now for SafetyCulture is to ensure they’re in full control as they scale.

Enter: Salesforce CPQ.


New possibilities, greater efficiencies

We recently caught up with Head of Revenue Operations at SafetyCulture, Sally Mack, at Salesforce’s Industry Breakfast series to hear a firsthand account on how products like Salesforce CPQ have helped the company scale operations in a practical, timely, and sustainable way.

From Sally’s perspective, the advantages are clear.

“The benefits have been endless for SafetyCulture. First and foremost it has helped the internal team find a new level of efficiency in how they get our products into the hands of our customers”

Such was the popularity of SafetyCulture products that before the Cloudwerx Integration and Automation team collaborated with SafetyCulture to find workable solutions, there was a chance that bottlenecks would start to form within existing processes and systems. And the real risk here was the flow-on effects hitting productivity, sales, and most importantly — customer satisfaction.

Using the Salesforce Sales Cloud, CPQ Plus and Service Cloud, our team was able to curate and automate the system with clarity and consistency as the main objectives. 


Transparency means clarity in decisions

The growing list of benefits from greater transparency has opened up a world of new analytical opportunities for SafetyCulture. Sally was finding that she and the team could access timely and relevant data to make the best decisions at the right times.

“Interestingly, by tracking certain approval rules, we can use our data to define ‘best practice’ and to train the rest of the team,” she said.

It also helped SafetyCulture create more visibility and transparency in what they were selling, which meant they could better pivot to build the product that was needed most at any given moment. On a practical level this meant better cash flow and quicker payment cycles — essential elements for a growing company.

“It’s not just about efficiency and governance either — which are both great. It’s also about how we improve the way we do our day-to-day with the data we’re now able to capture,” added Sally.


Scaling successfully, one insight at a time

When they drop at the right time, a good insight can change everything. 

Having data at your fingertips means eliminating ambiguity in business processes and increasing efficiency. For an operation like SafetyCulture that has quick decision making woven into its DNA, this insight-driven approach is just another invaluable feature of Salesforce CPQ tools.

Sally found that this new-found ability helped them focus their energies in the right areas with confidence.

“There’s always a risk of overcomplicating things and trying to solve every single problem, so we’re getting clear on exactly what the impact of our pain points are.”

“The stuff that is really tangible to a business, instead of trying to solve 47 other things that were somewhat on the periphery and maybe not the biggest pain points if you quantify impact, getting to that view of it meant we could prioritise what we were going to solve next,” she said. 

The evolution of the relationship between revenue operations and Salesforce CPQ is an exciting one that we’re looking forward to seeing even more great results from. 


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