The Aussie unicorn spearheading the future of workplace safety.

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The Aussie unicorn spearheading the future of workplace safety.

Right from the outset, SafetyCulture had the markings of something special. Founded in 2012 as a simple safety checklist app, SafetyCulture has since blossomed into a billion-dollar company with the coveted ‘unicorn’ title and a slew of international fans to boot. But behind the scenes of this rapidly growing company was a disjointed team racing to keep up. In this case study, we’ll take a closer look at the SafetyCulture journey, and how we were able to establish solid systems and processes, so they could continue their journey skywards.

We first met with the team from SafetyCulture in November of 2019. At that point in time, they had been operational for seven years, but had already blown out into a global brand. They were hosting 26,000 companies from 85 countries, and were valued at around $31 million. And yet: 2019 was only their first year of growth outpacing losses, and their expansion in their current products was still yet to come. We were meeting with a flying comet travelling a million miles an hour — and they needed our help.

The issue was simple. Their business growth was happening at such a pace that the SafetyCulture team simply didn’t have the time to address internal processes. So that’s where we came in. Using Salesforce tools and big-picture thinking, we were able to curate and automate behind the scenes, so they could keep doing what they were doing best: growing.

Many people, many systems

Luke Anear founded SafetyCulture in 2004 from his home garage in Townsville. Today, he has a global staff of over 400 people. From our first meeting with Luke and his team, we understood that almost all of these staff — particularly the sales team — were operating from individual process models. Some had Excel spreadsheets, some jotted notes on email, others were building out their own order forms in documents.

This meant an inconsistent user experience, and therefore no single source of truth when it came to customer orders, sales figures, product pricing, or special deals that may have been tendered with clients. The accounting team were reconciling multiple systems and accounts, whilst operations were struggling to get visibility across individual contracts and processes. For a team that needed every opportunity they could get to grow, this scattered method of working was holding them back.

Automated processes to save time and money

As any person working in sales will attest, timing is everything. Being able to jump on an opportunity, however, requires a certain level of organisation and support from other departments. Through the Cloudwerx blueprinting process, the team — led by CTO Chris Baldock — quickly identified the lack of a clear workflow. This was holding up the process of onboarding new customers, dispatching orders, and general team communication.

Chris also recognised an opportunity for data collection around the SafetyCulture customer. By collating their details within the Salesforce platform, they could get a better understanding of who their audience was, what they were purchasing, and where in the funnel they were located. It was a simple upgrade that would open up a world of opportunities for future sales.

The goal: a streamlined workflow

Once these opportunities and challenges were identified, our team got to work constructing a new workflow for SafetyCulture. Solution Architect Kierin Spark was at the frontline of the action, working directly with client sales lead Sally Mack and finance lead Kyle Bridge.

The plan looked like this: to install Salesforce as the single source of truth for products, quotes, orders, contracts and reporting. Specifically, our Cloudwerx team implemented the following:

Sales process enhancements
Introducing the opportunity to quote within Salesforce, and store the entire product catalogue for speed and accuracy.

Salesforce CPQ Implementation
Creating Orders, Quotes, Contracts & Subscriptions in a single location, with discount schedules introduced for high volumes of products to alleviate discrepancy in pricing.

Salesforce Advanced Approvals
Ensuring sales reps deals went through an approval matrix, should specific criteria be met. Also, the introduction of Approval Chains to allow sales reps to send requests to a series of approvers in sequence.

We use the word ‘processes’ so often in this line of business, we can often forget how powerful they really are. By introducing a flow-on effect of communication, ordering, and delivery; we were effectively able to create a safety net for SafetyCulture. No opportunity would be missed, and no order would be incorrect. For a rapidly growing company worth millions, these requirements should be absolutely non-negotiable.

From start to finish

The Cloudwerx secret sauce is in our nimble team of experts. Unlike larger change organisations, we’re able to get in and out in half the time. This doesn’t mean half the work: we just trim the fat on unnecessary actions. With SafetyCulture, we were luckily paired with a fantastic team of enthusiastic staff who were ready to adopt whatever measures were needed for an upgraded way of working.

Any industry that has to adhere to stringent safety standards is notoriously resistant to change. Why? Legacy systems and processes are deeply entrenched in company culture, and can be an imposing task to change. Also, taking any kind of safety check ‘offline’ for even a day poses huge security risks. This is what makes it a delicate task to be managed by an experienced team.

However, the COVID pandemic and increased need for on-site safety rigour has, and will continue to, create a disruption to the traditional, more manual data storage and sales management systems. Almost every industry in Australia has the need for watertight workplace health and safety, from hospitality, to retail, to construction. The widespread adoption of SafetyCulture is testament to its universality.

SafetyCulture has created a product that is spearheading a new chapter in workplace safety, and it’s great to know that they now reflect the same future-mindset from the inside, out.

The comet continues

Today, SafetyCulture is valued at $1.3 billion. Only in October did they receive their most recent round of funding for $48.5 million, adding to April’s investment round of $60.5 million. It is thrilling to watch one of our clients rise with such incredible cadence, especially knowing that their internal team has been set up with a system created to help them succeed.

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