Cloudwerx + Lightfold: Crafting Smarter Customer Connections

Step into an era where every piece of data tells your customer’s story. We’re revolutionising the role of data and AI, focusing on creating deeper, more meaningful connections with your customers to drive sales and profitable growth.

Tailored Data Solutions for Your Business

Cloudwerx + Lighfold goes beyond consultancy to be your transformation partner. We provide cutting-edge, fixed-cost data solutions that perfectly align with your immediate and future business requirements.

Personalised Strategy:

Using our Tesseract methodology, we put the people who manage your customer relationships at the heart of the data solution.

Modern Data Stack:

Seamlessly integrating front-end applications with robust back-end operations to build bridges between data and customer experience.

Actionable Intelligent Insights:

AI to deepen customer understanding and engagement for smarter business decisions.

Embedded Intellegence:

Transforming complex data into compelling narratives with deep personalisation so every employee can do their job better.

Strategic Partnerships for Comprehensive Data Solutions

Cloudwerx + Lightfold proudly partners with global tech leaders to bring you unparalleled data solutions. From Salesforce’s dynamic platforms, such as Data Cloud and Tableau, to Snowflake’s robust data warehousing, we’re committed to using the best tools in the market to enhance your data capabilities.
Our Strategic Partners:

Data Architecture - IT's ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMER

Cloudwerx + Lightfold builds customer-centric data architectures that are the foundation of your business’s future. Our solutions focus on intuitive, accessible customer data strategies, all within a predictable, fixed-cost structure.

Our Approach: Customer-Centric Data Modelling, User-Centric Design – what we call our Tesseract Methodology

Agility & Optimisation: Helping you build an scale your Data Team Structure & Strategy, Cloud Optimisation, DataOps, Scalability, and Performance

Comprehensive Platforms: Embracing the Modern Data Stack, Applied AI, Automated Cloud Data Warehouses, Data Replication, Embedded Analytics, and Customer Data Platforms (CDP)

Privacy and Security: Detailed, field level, state-of-the-art PII and sensitive data management baked into every architecture


Cloudwerx + Lightfold harness Intelligence & AI not merely as tools but as catalysts for deeper personalisation. Our approach is not just about technology; it’s about mobilising your data to power customer-focused strategies that drive your business forward.

Deeper Personalisation: Equipping your people with the intelligence they need to create smarter connections at every customer interaction

Powering Business Decisions: We see Customer Data as the epicentre of your business. Using the Modern Data Stack to power AI, your people can build deeper customer relationships to drive profitable growth

Customer Strategies for a Competitive Edge: Our focus on customer-centric data modelling turns information into powerful customer strategies, to give your business a competitive edge

Latest Insights: Stay Informed and Inspired

Keep ahead with Cloudwerx + Lightfold’s expert-led webinars, workshops, and the latest in data and AI.

Ignite your Data Journey Today.

If you’re keen to understand how we can help your business utilise your customer data better, let’s chat. We’re here to guide you in personalised customer data strategies for improved business outcomes. We will even kick off your journey with a free 30-minute consultation to get you started.

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