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The Cloudwerx team has just returned from a mammoth three days spent together with the global Salesforce community at Dreamforce 2023. We learned about incredible new innovations, caught up with fellow Trailblazers and learned from more than 70 AI experts, ethics experts and researchers. Now that we’re back home and have taken some time to reflect on our jam-packed time in San Francisco, we’ve put together our top five takeaways from the event that will impact you, our incredible Cloudwerx community. Here’s what you need to know from Dreamforce 2023.

Catch up on more insights from each Dreamforce keynote by checking out our Cloudwerx Dreamstream on YouTube.


Einstein 1 (along with Einstein Copilot) is about to change the game

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is a hot topic in 2023 and our clients want to know how they can leverage the power of AI to be more effective in their day-to-day. Einstein 1 is Salesforce’s answer, giving businesses the ability to leverage data from both inside and outside your Salesforce environment and supercharge insights using machine learning. This is, of course, a huge asset to your sales team (our Head of Revenue Cloud, Rui Fonseca refers to Einstein Copilot as ‘your newest sales team member’). Einstein assists your sales team in eliminating a number of repetitive and manual tasks and creates a whole reimagined selling experience, driven by data and supported by artificial intelligence.


This will not only have huge benefits for your sales team, but will also power productivity in your marketing, service, data and commerce teams as well. One of the standout moments from Dreamforce was watching Einstein build a complete workflow from a simple prompt. 


Using Einstein, your organisation will be able to quickly create your own apps and services, all designed to serve your customers. However, many of you might feel stuck when it comes to unlocking the true power of AI-powered CRM. That’s where Einstein Copilot comes in. Copilot is a conversational assistant that can walk you through the various functions of each Salesforce application to help you complete tasks and provide recommendations. 


Salesforce is placing trust at the centre of their AI operations

When it comes to AI in business, the biggest questions surround data security and privacy. We were pleased to see that Salesforce placed a large emphasis on their ‘trust’ core value throughout Dreamforce, ensuring secure, privacy-focused AI. Einstein takes care of background processing, such as data masking, prompt masking and more — essentially grounding generative AI in your organisation’s data without sending sensitive information outside of your trusted boundary. 


Your systems can connect quickly, flexibly and with scalability

One of the biggest roadblocks to digital transformation is integration challenges — where organisations are pulling data from and working within disparate systems. AI compounds those challenges due to the need for massive amounts of data it requires. For these reasons, it’s essential that organisations have the ability to connect their systems — quickly, flexibly and with scalability.


To that end, Salesforce had some exciting developments, both with the release of Einstein for any point code builder, and by automating extended flow orchestration so that all APIs and RPUs can be called from within it. 


You’ll have plenty of assistance in boosting your eCommerce capabilities

For our eCommerce clients, we were excited to see how Einstein 1 will be able to help you do more, faster. Einstein Copilot can assist your team in writing fast, accurate and unique web components from simple prompts. Even better, you’ll have access to the raw code which will allow you to make adjustments to the components prior to deployment — a feature Cloudwerx, CTO Chris Baldock calls ‘an absolute gamechanger’.  In addition, Einstein Copilot can suggest a number of strategies to improve your cart conversion rates. You’ll also have access to a wealth of data that will assist you in improving your cart conversion rates, while also decreasing your return rates — for example, providing automatic suggestions to update product descriptions. 


There are exciting developments ahead in the world of MedTech

Finally, our biopharma and medtech clients will be excited to hear about the new Health and Life Sciences Cloud announced at Dreamforce. This Cloud focuses on three key areas: 

  • MedTech CRM enhancements, coupled with AI insights to support your field sales team
  • a new clinical operations platform designed to deliver therapies and clinical trials efficiently while keeping up with regulatory requirements
  • improved HCP engagement with new engagement models that keep a patient’s journey completely personalised. 

Overall, Salesforce has been investigating how we can collaborate as a community to deliver better patient outcomes; building relationships while leveraging the power of AI.


Find out more from the Cloudwerx team

There were so many exciting new developments at Dreamforce 2023. Check out the Cloudwerx Dreamstream where our team shared their key takeaways from select keynotes!  If you’d like to know more about how the new Salesforce updates will affect your business in the next 12 months, please get in touch with our team for a complimentary consultation. 

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