Well, here we are. 

Despite this year flying past in a flurry of action and noise, it’s fair to say that 2021 won’t be forgotten anytime soon. For many around the world, it has been equal parts challenging, exciting, transformative and profound. 

Living alongside the tumult and turbulence of the ongoing pandemic, we’ve had time to reassess how we work and live. We continued to home school, home work, and home everything. 

We’ve witnessed unprecedented investment and growth in tech as the value of digital keeps growing. 

And we’ve recognised and celebrated our achievements both as an organisation and as individuals as we keep moving forward on this shared journey together.

So before we close the chapter on 2021, let’s take a minute to stop, breathe, and look back at the big moments this year that have changed things not just forever, but for good


Flexible futures for the win

There’s no going back now. 2021 will be remembered as the year the global workforce officially entered the era of flexibility. No longer an exception to the rule, the right to balance work and life is becoming an expected part of the employee/employer relationship. 

With ‘The Great Resignation’ shaking things up, a reimagining of the status quo is supporting the notion that flexibility can be good for both productivity and individual health and wellbeing.

A recent survey out of the UK showed that 75.3% of parents reported they would like to work more flexibly in the future after getting a taste of it. And it’s good news from a productivity perspective too, with a US study showing 83% of employers reported remote work had been a success. 

Internally, we’re hardwiring flexibility into the Cloudwerx model, including rolling out job-sharing initiatives that mean greater outcomes for our team and our clients. It’s been a big couple of years, but sometimes disruption can be the best driver for positive change.


It all starts and ends with people

It sounds obvious, but taking into consideration how projects impact end users in real-world settings can be the difference between a successful and mediocre outcome.

People are central to all that we do around here — that’s why we built our offering around the three pillars of people, process, and technology and used it as a foundation to consistently deliver the best outcomes for clients. 

But it’s the ‘people’ part that has really proven its worth this year. One of our proudest moments was delivering life-changing outcomes through our recent partnership with Australia’s leading NDIS plan manager, My Plan Manager (MPM).

Taking the time to really understand the problem at a human level, it was a privilege to be partnering with a business as we worked to improve social outcomes for thousands of people living with physical and intellectual disability in Australia.

The best part of this is that value for an organisation and its customers will be felt well into the future.


New digital pathways

In case anyone needed any further confirmation around the pivotal role of digital in the global economy, staggering levels of investment have well and truly put any argument against it to rest. 

Recently insights prove that the pandemic has been the catalyst for the largest leap in the digitisation of business in history. In the Asia-Pacific region alone, the acceleration of digital adoption has moved forward 10+ years in the space of just two years. That’s unprecedented.

Although we’ve been digital advocates for some time now, it’s a vote of confidence in what we do and where we’re heading. Investment in tech will only continue to grow, with automation, connectivity and cloud-based solutions emerging to make a positive difference to lives everywhere.


Growing partnerships 

Of course, our successes are shared by our incredible partnerships — both new and existing. 

Our unique combination of the Salesforce solutions, Mulesoft connectivity and UiPath robotic process automation opens up a world of opportunities in chasing a brighter future. Having these dream-seeking partners by our side means that the impossible becomes possible and no problem is too big or small to solve. 

We were especially excited to welcome another partner this year with Udemy for Business providing a huge range of learning and development opportunities to the Cloudwerx family. We are proud to be cultivating a culture of learning and development here at Cloudwerx — and this means genuinely supporting our employees’ in their own career development and individual journeys by permanently building it into our operations.


Letting culture light the way

​​Good culture is more than just platitudes, to us, it’s backing up your values with real action. We’ve always believed that successful change can only be achieved by investing in the people behind the processes.

Cloudwerx Commercial Director Andy Pattinson put it perfectly earlier in the year — “Culture is the sum of who we are, not just what we do.”

We walk the talk by pledging support to help those less fortunate than ourselves too. Our integrated philanthropic approach sees that 1% of profit, 1% of our time, and 1% of our technology development hours are reserved for the good of the community.

The outcomes included donating time and resources to building a donation portal for India’s COVID crisis earlier in the year, raising thousands of dollars with our Long Walk Homes for the Wayside Chapel, and pledging our support to one of our favourite charities — Two Good Co — for #givingtuesday.


What’s next?

New challenges. New opportunities. Same great outcomes.

Keeping people, process and technology at the heart of everything we do is our blueprint for growing businesses and chasing success.

We’re excited about the movement the digital world is experiencing right now and the reimagining of how we all work together. Change is inevitable, but it’s how we embrace the change that really matters.

A huge thank you to all our clients, partners, friends, colleagues, and family that made 2021 possible. 

However you’re celebrating this festive season, from everyone at Cloudwerx, we hope you have a relaxing, re-energising and peaceful break.

See you in the New Year!

If you would like to hear more about how the Cloudwerx approach can help your business, reach out today! You can contact us directly via our website, here