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With over 3 million people visiting every year, Queensland’s Sunshine Coast tourist mecca is best known for its endless stretches of sandy beaches, beautiful weather and natural attractions. 

But did you know that it’s quickly gaining a reputation for being a world class location to a very different kind of market?

Thanks to the recent landing of a brand new international submarine cable, the region is now an internationally recognised innovation hub. This means that the once sleepy Sunny Coast now boasts the fastest international connection point from Queensland and east Australia to Asia, and second fastest to the United States.

It’s hard to overstate the significance of this development for Queensland’s attractiveness as a destination for domestic and overseas investment. The Sunshine Coast is a bonafide digital trade hub and big business is taking notice.

So, what’s this got to do with Cloudwerx? Well, we’ve packed our business boardshorts and we’re headed north. 


It’s a great time to be in Queensland

We’ve been planning to have boots on the ground in the Sunshine State for a while now. We’re no strangers to doing business anywhere around the country (or the world for that matter), but nothing beats having real people available for real conversations and collaborations face to face. 

Enter Adam Borchard. Adam is a people person, problem solver and our new Head of Customer Success in Queensland.

Currently renovating his Queenslander homestead on a couple of acres in the picturesque hamlet of Beerwah in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland (where he lives with his family, ducks, chickens, dogs etc), Adam’s no stranger to getting hands on when the need arises.

“It’s a great lifestyle up here, there’s the wildlife and we’re not that far from the beach,” says Adam“I’m quite a down to earth person too, it’s probably why I‘ve enjoyed the process of renovating this house so much”

Originally from Northern Tasmania, Adam moved to Queensland in 2001 and quickly found his calling in IT and cloud computing. Since then, he’s racked up 16 years worth of Salesforce experience and the best part of a decade in Customer Success and Managed Services.

“I think it’s always appealed to me as I enjoy the crossover between account management and data analysis — I can really advise customers on all aspects of a job with complete confidence.” 

Just like Adam’s woodwork, it’s his focus on maintaining genuine relationships that dovetails perfectly into our people, process, and technology mantra. Timing is everything in the business world, and having a presence means we can react quickly and decisively.

“Queensland is experiencing huge growth right now, the secret is well and truly out,” he says.

“It feels like the stars are aligning up here, and now, for us the focus is being here for our customers and riding the wave with them.”


Leaning into the state that punches above its weight

Queenslanders have always been comfortable with the ‘underdog’ tag. They relish any opportunity to show up their southern cousins or prove themselves to the world. And last year’s announcement that Brisbane would host the 2032 Olympic Games only further enhances its reputation globally. 

“There’s an element of pride and entrepreneurial spirit up here,” suggests Adam.

“It’s the perfect storm to make the state a lightning rod for investment — I think the talent streams have been recognising this for years now.”

It’s why Adam’s so well placed to shepherd and strengthen both new and existing relationships from his coastal HQ. We’ve always approached projects with people front and centre, and we recognise how every company or operation has their own unique growth strategy and plan too.

“My big focus has always been on helping guide customers at a natural pace. I really believe in the idea of a ‘client for life’ — that’s why I’m so happy to help get projects over the line while being a trusted advisor at the same time.”


Keeping it really real

The truth is, with a good culture in place, it doesn’t really matter where we put our roots down. It’s transferable and adaptable.

As an aspirational technology-driven company, we have a fair idea about what success looks like as well. The hook though is that if we want to be consistently successful, we always need to be real about how we conduct ourselves. 

At the end of the day we’re honest and constructive people, and we want to share in the success with our customers.

“What does success look like up here? All I can ask for is the opportunity to help solve problems, be impactful, and help customers grow,” says Adam.

“I’m here to help foster that willingness of collaboration, and hopefully if all goes well, build some meaningful relationships. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of fun too.”

Queensland is well and truly open for business. 

If you would like to hear more about how the Cloudwerx approach can help your business, reach out today! You can contact us directly via our website, here.