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It’s called a ‘comfort zone’ for a reason, isn’t it?

People like being comfortable, and it’s why most avoid change. Our brains are hardwired to respond well to patterns — the familiarity of routines and predictability makes the status quo a safe place to be. 

But the thing with life, and the business world (which is part of life too, obviously), is that everything changes eventually. So the proposition becomes a matter of stagnating or adapting. To exist is to evolve.

We’re in the business of bringing about good change in what we do.

In the tech services context, change is all about the processes leading to finding efficiencies to achieve the best shared outcome. And from where we stand, successful change can only ever be achieved through everyone — from front of house to the end user — going on the journey together. 

Of course, the great leveller with what we do is that we’re only as good as our last project outcome. 

That’s why this month, we’re taking a moment to look back on some of our recent customer success stories where great outcomes have been realised through the enduring power of people plus tech. 

So, from soccer fields to unicorns, here’s a snapshot of what good outcomes can look like for three very different projects — and most importantly — how the right change made a positive difference for their own customers.


Kicking goals on and off the pitch

When Queensland’s state football governing body reached out for help with automating their data-heavy operations, we had a few ideas that would help them find the back of the net more often.

Football is well and truly established as the world game, and locally, the sport has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity, with 1.1 million Aussies playing club football, and nearly 20% of all kids aged 5-14. This makes football the number one game in the country, and the largest governing zone happens to be Queensland.

So, with such impressive participation numbers, Football Queensland found themselves having to manually process mountains of data while finding ways to navigate bottlenecks. This sucked up time and resources that could’ve been better spent on the field developing the next Sam Kerr or Tim Cahill.

Amazingly, the catalyst was a local player with knowledge of UiPath — one of our valued partners who specialises in automation solutions. We led a series of workshops with Football Queensland to gain a deep insight into what they really needed, and within a matter of weeks, we were able to design a solution and develop the automation using a UiPath bot. 


The outcomes? Better data flow, a regained 80 hours worth of staff time, fewer errors, and happier players. 


Letting unicorns be unicorns

Many People. Many Systems. We helped one of the first true Aussie Unicorn companies to automate their systems so they could save time, money, and lives.

A tech company providing safety checklists to the construction industry in Australia and beyond, SafetyCulture exists to keep people safe in workplace environments around the world. 

As a result, SafetyCulture created and rolled out the iAuditor app — a game changing mobile auditor tool that made managing safety and quality assurance easier and more accessible. 

Such was the success of the app, SafetyCulture soon found themselves out of sync with their internal processes as they played a never ending game of catch-up. In this situation, errors and blindspots could lead to bad consequences for real people who relied on the app for safety, so finding a timely solution was imperative. 

So that’s where our integration and automation team came in. Using the Salesforce Sales Cloud, CPQ Plus and Service Cloud, we were able to curate and automate the system with clarity and consistency.


The outcomes? Tech and human harmony was achieved and SafetyCulture could get back to keeping people around the world safe in their workplaces.


Forming stronger, brighter bonds

For a client who deals in helping people and businesses across the globe protect what’s valuable to them, finding the right solution in this instance meant keeping 5 million customers happy.

Brightside Co. is a true Aussie success story. From its humble beginnings in the insurance and warranty industry 40 years ago, to now operating across several different continents with over 200 staff, it’s essential their customer-centric model is underpinned by fit-for-purpose software to keep things running smoothly.

For Brightside, geographic distance and growth presented some challenges in the form of inconsistency and a lack of clarity around the integration landscape with their APIs (application programming interface). Skills gaps and different regional practices meant that an overarching solution was needed urgently.

For us, it was all about connection.


The outcomes? We increased connectivity, reduced complexity, and introduced standardised frameworks with Mulesoft. The overall experience from a partner and customer perspective was more personalised, efficient and seamless to work with behind the scenes. 


All in all, connecting the dots for Brightside made life easier for their 200+ staff, retail partners and millions of customers. A bright result indeed! 


Reframing change

It’s our job to sell in the dream of how doing things a little differently can create better outcomes for our customers. 

And helping businesses grow and transform into their most efficient forms, coupled with a smorgasbord of technology solutions to help make it a reality, means better outcomes for all.

We love what we do, because it makes change something to aspire to, not shy away from.

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