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Happy International Women’s Day 2022! 


From gender imbalances to ushering in a new age of flexibility, there’s no shortage of issues to address in the tech industry. 

But we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the initiatives we’ve been championing at Cloudwerx that aim to help break down gender bias in the workplace. 

Bias comes in many different forms — and by definition, it can often be unintentional — but that’s exactly why it has the potential to be so pervasive and challenging. 

We’re determined to stay ahead of gender bias when it comes to our own internal culture by creating long-lasting, inclusive, and robust practical measures.

Included in these initiatives is the creation of our own Female Forum — a quarterly gathering of Cloudwerx team members that provides a regular platform to elevate the voices of women in the industry.

The brains behind the Female Forum is our Human Resources Advisor at Cloudwerx, Madison Peake.

“I had only been at Cloudwerx for a couple of months when I set up the first Female Forum in 2021,” recalls Madison.

“One of the first forum topics up for discussion was the gender imbalance in the tech industry. Positively, the sentiment among the Forum attendees was that they felt Cloudwerx was heading in the right direction and they felt empowered and supported in their roles.”

Something that’s come up in the ongoing Forum get-togethers is the need to highlight to the wider team that bias ‘blindspots’ can easily hide in plain sight. This is why we believe that it’s not just important to commit to roundtable discussions as it takes a little more to subvert a history’s worth of gender inequality.

Keeping the momentum going outside of the Female Forum space, Madison and Chief People Officer Marcus Hanmer have designed a new set of guidelines encouraging employees to embrace flexibility within their work hours.

“Respecting everyone’s lives and individuality is a great way to maintain happiness and a healthy level of productivity,” says Madison.

“And in this new age of flexibility, our message to everyone is that if we can still stay connected, collaborative, and find the time to celebrate our successes, together we’ll make it work.”

From Madison’s perspective, the future of both Cloudwerx and the tech industry is looking brighter by the day. 

“I never set out to work in tech, but there’s much to be said for the way Cloudwerx has created an inclusive atmosphere for women. I think we can all see a solid career trajectory here, and it’s attracting women from other industries too — we even had an ex-policewoman join us recently!”

By creating a platform that encourages discussion, self-determination and accountability, Madison is leading the charge along with every woman in the Cloudwerx family, to ensure we continue to move forward in the right direction every single day of the year. 

If you would like to hear more about how the Cloudwerx approach can help your business, reach out today! You can contact us directly via our website, here