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Queensland, Australia




RPA, Automation


When Queensland’s state football governing body reached out for help with automating their data-reliant operations, we had a few ideas that would help them kick goals.


At a Glance: Cloudwerx partnered with Football Queensland to automate manual processes and streamline their data entry process with RPA, resulting in improved accuracy, faster turnaround time for results, and significant time and cost savings for the organisation.

About Football Queensland
Football Queensland is a not-for-profit organisation governing the largest football zone in Australia, providing competition management and support to thousands of players and volunteers. Football is the most popular game for both children and adults in Australia, with over 1.1 million players in club football


Football Queensland faced the challenge of recording and processing huge amounts of data on a weekly basis. Their externally hosted website stores all the latest data, including results from matches, player and staff details, scores, goals, and penalty cards.

At the end of each match, results were entered into a different web portal by each game’s referee across the weekend and then manually transferred into the public site. With up to 800 games played across the state each weekend, this process was slow, prone to error, and took up to 80 hours of paid time.

It was also challenging for the staff to focus on meaningful tasks with their time, given the time-consuming nature of manual data entry.


The solution was to automate the data entry process, which would save time, reduce errors, and allow staff to focus on more meaningful tasks.

Cloudwerx designed and developed automation using a UiPath RPA bot to read, validate, and enter data into Football Queensland’s system from the external portal. The UiPath bot ensured that all data was entered in accordance with Football Queensland’s rules and processes.

Through a series of short calls and demonstrations of UiPath, the solution was designed, and the automation was developed within three weeks. This provided an efficient, accurate, and fast solution to the data entry problem.


Improved Accuracy and Efficiency
Automating the data entry process has significantly reduced the number of errors and improved the overall efficiency of competition management.
Faster Turnaround Time for Results
With the automated system, team results can be viewed by Monday morning, greatly improving the turnaround time for results.
Time and Cost Savings
Automating the data entry process has redirected 80 hours per week to more valuable tasks, resulting in a more efficient use of resources.

More Meaningful Work for Staff
The UiPath bot has freed up staff from manual data entry, allowing them to focus on more meaningful tasks that add value to the organisation and its members.

Want to learn more about Football QLD automation transformation? Reach out to the Cloudwerx team.

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