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Streamlining Employee Recognition and Communication for Better Productivity and Engagement.


At a Glance: Recognising and appreciating the hard work of employees is a great way to maintain high morale in any organisation. Ampol recognised the importance of employee recognition and partnered with Cloudwerx to launch “Ampol Achievers,” a centralised internal recognition program.

About Ampol
For over 120 years, Ampol has been a household name in Australia, fueling around 80,000 customers annually through the nation’s largest network of branded petrol and convenience outlets. As one of the largest transport fuels companies listed on the ASX, Ampol employs over 8000 Australians across the utilities, retail, and transport sectors.


Creating a Centralised Solution for a Vast Workforce

The challenge for Ampol was to create a centralised solution that allowed employees to recognise each other’s achievements, despite the vast geographic spread of its workforce. The company also aimed to modernise communication and data sharing and storage while ensuring the recognition process was streamlined and efficient.


Leveraging Salesforce Experience Cloud and FormAssembly

Cloudwerx implemented a solution that leveraged Ampol’s existing employee portal on Salesforce Experience Cloud.
The team incorporated online forms with FormAssembly and enabled search capabilities for employees to nominate team members for recognition and select specific awards such as monetary and eCards.
Workflows were developed within FormAssembly to facilitate automatic employee recognition while accommodating a range of approval processes.
Finally, the team created an additional portal page that allowed managers to easily view which of their employees had recently been recognised.


The Streamlined Recognition Process, Improved Productivity and Enhanced Communication

In 2021, Ampol’s internal recognition program “Ampol Achievers” was launched company-wide, eliminating the inefficiencies of emailing nominations to managers.
The integrated Salesforce Sales Cloud platform allowed executives to access up-to-date metrics, such as the number of times an employee, store, or region was recognised internally.
The solution streamlined the employee recognition process, improved productivity, and enhanced internal communication, resulting in a modernised communication and data sharing and storage system that prioritises acknowledging hardworking employees.

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